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  Population structure and regeneration of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. ex Steud. in flood control ditches in the depression wetland (Żuławy Wiślane, Northern Poland) Patrycja Boszke, Katarzyna Bociąg, Józef Szmeja
  Changes of population structure of Taxus baccata L. during 25 years in protected area (Carpathians, Western Ukraine)
Grzegorz Iszkuło, Adam Boratyński, Yakov Didukh, Kostantin Romaschenko, Nadya Pryazhko
  Species composition of woody vegetation of three types of mid-field woodlots in intensively managed farmland (Wrocław Plain, South-Western Poland) Grzegorz Orłowski, Lech Nowak
  Nematodes colonizing power plant ash dumps. II. Nematode communities in ash dumps covered with turf - effect of reclamation period and soil type Ewa Dmowska
  Response of enchytraeid community (Oligochaeta, Enchytraeidae) to manipulation of microbial biomass Ewa Nowak, Zofia Piotrowska-Seget, Krzysztof Chmielewski
  Testing the suitability of leeches (Hirudinea, Clitellata) for biological assessment of lowland streams Paweł Koperski
  Stream habitats, benthic macroinvertebrates, lotic fish and their relationships: a multi-scale approach Tadeusz Fleituch, Antoni Amirowicz
  Generic composition and respiratory activity of heterotrophic bacteria of marine sandy beach (Southern Baltic Sea) Zbigniew Jan Mudryk, Beata Podgórska
  Urease activity and ATP content in soil and plant related to copper concentration Bożena Śnieg, Janina Nowak
  Survival of pigmented freshwater zooplankton, exposed to artificial ultraviolet radiation and two levels of dissolved organic carbon Patricio De los Ríos
  Nocturnal activity of Carabus hortensis L. (Coleoptera , Carabidae ) in two forest sites studied with harmonic radar method 
Jan Szyszko, Siergiej Gryuntal , Axel Schwerk
  Local warming about 1.3 o C in alpine meadow has no effect on root vole ( Microtus oeconomus L.) population during winter 
Ping SUN, Xinquan ZHAO, Julia A. KLEIN, Wanhong WEI
  Do dense and fast growing crops provide foraging habitats for insectivorous birds? Adrian Surmacki
  Semi-natural reedbeds as breeding habitat of Bluethroat ( Luscinia svecica L .) on sewage farm in Wrocław city (South-Western Poland) Grzegorz Orłowski, Marcin Sęk
  Egg dimensions of the Great Tit ( Parus major L . ) in Croatia Zdravko Dolenec, Milorad Mrakovčić, Antun Delić